Hi, I’m Cyrill Martin, creator of kmapper. I’m a Data & Information Architect and Developer, dedicated to interdisciplinary perspectives on information retrieval and knowledge transfer.

Are you facing a problem to make your data volume easily accessible and visually understandable for humans? I’m open for work, so let’s get in touch to check if we could cooperate.

Why kmapper?

I’ve developed kmapper as a personal project based on my interdisciplinary university degree and work experience as digital strategist in a scientific publishing company.

Tackling complex real-world problems needs interdisciplinary research and an open knowledge landscape easy to navigate. kmapper is such a knowledge mapper.

By showing more than the usual top 10-15 search results and by showing different scientific disciplines, kmapper breaks down knowledge silos. kmapper pushes for research serendipity.

How does kmapper work?

There's no fancy topic modeling or NLP going on at kmapper. It's an organization of search results.

  1. With kmapper you send a search query to the DOAJ's article search API.
  2. kmapper gets a response of the top 50 articles (sorted by relevance) matching your query.
  3. Based on an article's journal it has been published in, the DOAJ has already tagged each article with LCC classes and subclasses.
  4. kmapper maps the LCC classes and subclasses to its own table of scientific disciplines and groups the search results based on relevance and scientific discipline.

Open for Cooperations

Are you keen to understand more about my approach in structuring content for humans and machines? Get in touch, I’m open for any kind of cooperation.


+41 79 745 62 05


For the design part in projects, I work with Karlie GmbH, a brand studio for strategy and design.


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